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Architectural Documents

Did you know??

    Even the most basic changes to the Exterior of your home or Lot requires you submit an ACC Request and receive written Approval prior to beginning a project? Hardscape, landscape, pools, patios, ANY play equipment, driveways, painting, fence/roof repairs/replacements, basically anything that involves a change to your existing Lot or the Exterior of your home.

Why do I need ACC Approval?

    Most importantly, we want to help keep your community beautiful and your property values up. The purpose for Deed Restrictions in a community, is so that everyone follows the rules in the governing documents. When a homeowner signs their deed at closing, they’re actually agreeing to abide by the restrictions in their HOA’s governing documents.

What if I don’t submit an ACC Request?

    An unapproved modification may be subject to a violation, fine, or removal of non-compliant modification.

How do I submit a Request?

    Please download the ACC Request using the link below. You will be able to upload the supporting documentation at the same time. (Copy of Lot Survey indicating your proposed modification, exact dimensions, plans, drawings, pictures, brochures, etc.) This will be sent to the ACC Committee for review and you will be notified by email when there is an answer.

How long will the process take?

Submit your ACC Request Now!

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PMI Premier Riverside Place ACC Request Form .pdf Riverside Place HOA November 20, 2020 118.64 KB Download

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